UBCSCC Auto-X 101 September 19th

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UBCSCC Auto-X 101 September 19th

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UBCSCC: Auto-X 101 - September 19th, 2015

Date: Saturday, September 19th, 2015
Time: Gates open @ 8:00am, morning check in closes at 8:45am
Location: BC Driving Centre
map: http://goo.gl/maps/6jdIC


(If you have participated in more than 3 events, please ask Ryan (ryanrichman@hotmail.com) or one of the exec before signing up)

This year, we are doing a tiered registration. This means:
-Registration is open only to first timers until September 3rd.
-Registration opens up for everyone who has done 3 or less events from September 4th to September 18th.
This event is not open to those who have participated in an Auto-X 101 before.

Event Fee (pre-registration via Motorsportsreg ONLY): $80
BY REGISTERING, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ AND AGREE TO ALL CONDITIONS OF THE SUPPLEMENTAL REGULATIONS. Any violations of these regulations will result in an immediate end to your day - please read BEFORE signing up.
Membership Required: New Member $25, Renewal $20 or $5 day membership (there is an option when you register)
A quick reminder for those who need to sign up/ renew memberships for 2015. Confirmations will be manually approved and require 24 hours before they are activated.

What is AutoX 101?
UBCSCC is proud to (re)introduce our entry level drivers training program. AutoX 101 is the first class in our AutoX series and focuses on the fundamentals of the sport. It will provide students with the building blocks that comprise each future AutoX they attend. AutoX 101 is tailored towards drivers who are new to the sport - previous experience is NOT necessary. With a high instructor to student ratio, students can be assured they receive the one on one attention that will maximize the value of the school.

Important Details
We will be accepting a maximum of 20 entrants, if you do not register in time, we will have a waitlist you can join in case we accept extra drivers (up to 4) or there are any dropouts. If you are not a current UBCSCC member, you will need to join or purchase a day membership before you can take this school; daily memberships are available during online registration. You are also responsible to make sure your car passes tech inspection; if your car does not pass tech, you will not be eligible for the school and no refunds will be given. Tech requirements can be found on our 'FAQ' page located here. Please note tech inspection will close at 8:30am sharp, please ensure you and your car are on-site by no later than 8am to ensure you have adequate time to prepare your car. Just like the regular events, wearing a helmet will be mandatory - if you choose to bring your own, please make sure it is either Snell M2005+ or SA2005+ rated. If you do not have your own helmet, we do have some loaners available.

There will be a lunch break in the middle of the day. You are welcome to bring a lunch or head off-site to some local watering holes.

Course Outline
If there is one tried and true lesson to take away from any racing school, regardless of discipline it is the concept of looking ahead. For that reason, all elements of Autox 101 will have a central focus to help students remember to keep their eyes up. At the end of the school, if there is only one lesson that is retained, looking ahead will allow all other skills to follow. With that in mind the day will break down as follows:

After tech, check-in and a guided course walk, students will be given an opportunity to take 3 runs of the course to get a feel for their car, their skill and the day ahead. Instructors will be on hand to ride with students throughout this process and take notes to the specific needs of each person. Not only will this exercise give instructors the opportunity to understand each student’s driving habits, but it will also provide a baseline run from which to gauge improvement throughout the day.

After the completion of the baseline runs, students will be divided among pairs of instructors. Our wide range of skilled instructors will ensure students have the opportunity to learn from a driving specialist with a unique and often first hand understanding of the student’s vehicle. Once divided, it will be time to hit the elements.

In the G-circle students will learn the individual handling characteristics of their cars. Once the balanced limits have been established, students will learn how throttle input can decrease and increase grip. The sweeper will be the first opportunity to apply the looking ahead mantra and both an increasing and decreasing exit sweeper will be explored. This will be the chance to learn braking, turn in point, apex, throttle application and exit and instructors will run through each concept so driving skill is not lost to driving semantics. In the offset gates lesson, students will again learn first hand the benefits of looking ahead as well as find the limits of their cars transitional grip. Finally the slalom will provide the opportunity to find rhythm and pace in each car as well as include a looking ahead test. With each of these skill practiced, practiced again and practiced a little more final runs will close out the afternoon.

In this last section of Autox 101, students will be given a chance to put their lessons to work on a reassembled course from the morning. With instructors riding along and helping each student to find maximum speed the entire days lesson will culminate in a battle for most improved run of the day.

Hope to see you all out!
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