You've just signed up, what now?

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You've just signed up, what now?

Postby richard12311 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 7:16 pm

I noticed the past couple events there's been a whole lotta new people who aren't quite sure what they need to do or where to go. So here's a fairly lengthy write-up of how to get ready for some fun. Please use this as a guideline and not a rock solid instruction manual that you have to follow step by step.

You've just signed up on Motorsportreg after hearing about Autox from an ol' pal of yours. What the heck do you do now?

Saturday night
1. Try taking out as much stuff out of your car. That includes your basket in the trunk, your gym bag that's been smelling kinda funky for a while, and the ghetto phone holder that's duct taped to your windshield. If it's something you need to bring (tools, GPS, etc) grab a large plastic container with a lid and throw it in there. You'll have to take the container out and put it on the ground before car inspection, so make sure that if it rains, and it will, that water won't get in.

I put my tools, a couple garbage bags, some motor oil, tape, and a bunch of towels into my plastic container. That's just me though, some people don't bring anything at all, and some will bring a whole truckload of things. Some people take out their spare tire/jack and leave it at home so they don't need to leave it on the ground at the event.

2. Make sure your car has no oil/brake/similar leaks. Battery should be held down securely (can't be shaken loose). More info on motorsportreg, and use your common sense. If you have no brakes... things aren't gonna go well.

3. Find your gloves, hat/toque, and bring layers for Sunday. Have em ready so you don't need to stress out when you wake up late and dig through your closet looking for stuff on Sunday.

Sunday morning

4. Since doors open at 7:30am, I like to go as early as I can just so I don't need to worry about being late/missing course walk. Get up, bring everything you need, and grab some breakfast. Once you get to Ford road, mind your speed. Don't need to be revving and impressing the horses with your mad exhaust. Keep it within the speed limit. Once you get to the entrance and through the driveway, make sure you do a FULL STOP AT THE STOP SIGN. Airplanes land in that specific area, so watch your head.

5. Find an empty spot to park in. Chances are, there's a few cars there already. Note: If you see a plastic container, it's 99% likely that someone has parked there. Once you've parked, get out of your car, take out the driver floor mat, spare tire, car jack, and anything loose that can fly and hit you in the head. That plastic container you packed up on Saturday? Leave that on the ground in front/behind your car. After doing this, you can either head to registration or to inspection. To keep things simple for sake of this write-up, get back into your car and drive to inspection.

6. You will see inspection where there's a grid of cones. This is called the grid (who would've guessed). Line up here, either behind a car or in a new line if there are no cars. Turn the car off, pop open the hood, pop open the trunk, and wait for the car to be inspected.

7. Once the car has been inspected, you will receive a washable mark on your windshield. Congrats! You've passed inspection. Head back to your parking spot, turn off the car, and head towards the trailer. On the way to the trailer, you will notice a couple white sheets taped to the trailer doors. This will tell you which 'heat' you are running, and what your work assignment is. Make a note of this.

8. When you get to the lovely people in the trailer, they'll ask you for your name and stuff. Pretty simple. They'll register you in, and give you a barcode. This is when you roll up in your sweet ride, they can simply scan the barcode and you can be on your merry way.

9. Grab a course map, and find where the 'start' is. Ask around if you're confused, everyone is there to help you out! After registration, go and walk around the course. I usually take around 2-3 course walks, up to you really.

And that's that! Now you get to admire the cars around the parking area, and wait for the driver's meeting, usually around 9:00... usually. Ask the execs/senior drivers with any questions you have!

Have fun!
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