All Season Tires vs. Summer Tires

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Postby AllWheelDrift » Wed Dec 11, 2002 8:50 am

q_enzo wrote:Ok, so if I'm getting this right, summer tires are generally good for dry and wet weather.

But when snow hits, one should not drive with summer tires. Why? not deep enough treads?

It's cold weather more than snow in particular. It's mainly because of the rubber compound. Summer tires get hard in the cold and therefore don't have much grip.

In the snow, it's the tread pattern, probalby more so than depth that becomes a factor. You'll notice summer tires have large firm blocks, while winter tires have smaller blocks with lots of sipes.
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Postby q_enzo » Wed Dec 11, 2002 2:16 pm

Thanks AllWheelDrift. I get the idea now.
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