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UBCSCC 2017 Lapping Event #3 Sunday Sept 17

PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 6:47 pm
by Grasshopper
The summer is coming to a close and the Racecars are still spinning tires! We are pleased to present our final official summer 2017 track/lapping day at Mission Raceway. We welcome one and all, from the experienced trackday participants familiar with mission to brand new drivers wanting to experience high speed lapping in a fun, safe and casual environment. We offer complimentary instruction from some of the fastest local drivers to help you improve in both consistency and raw speed; should you seek it. Solo1 driver? Perfect opportunity if looking to figure out where that extra half a second is hiding!

Event Registration:
UBCSCC: 2017 Mission Raceway Trackday/Lapping Event #2

Volunteer Registration:
I want to help give back!

Date: Sunday Sept 17th, 2017
Time: Gates open @ 7:15am, morning check in closes at 8:25am
Drivers Meeting: 8:30am
Location: Mission Raceways
 32670 Dyke Road, Mission BC

It's time to sign up for our final lapping event this summer.
Each event will be comprised of 3 run groups; A, B, and C.
Group A – Experienced drivers/ track ready vehicles
Group B – Average paced drivers/ vehicles


Group C – New/ Novice Drivers

Early Bird: $205 (closes 2 weeks prior to registration close)
Regular Price: $230
Membership Required: Membership purchase is now included with your first event of the year. More information regarding our membership and pricing will be provided on our home page ( 

Registration Cap:
Novice: 12
Senior: 28
The event is capped at 40 registrations. Please register for the waitlist on MSR if the event is full. If you are on the waitlist, you will be notified when a spot becomes available. Please respond within 48 hours to ensure the spot is not passed on to the next eager participant.

Cancelations: No Refunds
Credit, however may be given if the spot is able to be filled with a replacement participant and the host is notified a MINIMUM of 14 days prior to the event.

BY REGISTERING, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ AND AGREE TO ALL CONDITIONS OF THE SUPPLEMENTAL REGULATIONS. Any violations of these regulations will result in an immediate end to your day - please read BEFORE signing up.

There is absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE for any burnouts, reckless driving, or loud stereos at any time. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be immediately, and permanently, banned from local autocross clubs without warning.

Good luck from all of us in your UBCSCC Executive Team!

Re: UBCSCC 2017 Lapping Event #3 Sunday Sept 17

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:28 am
by Kicker_92
Looking forward to it, hope for some more of this sunshine! :D

Re: UBCSCC 2017 Lapping Event #3 Sunday Sept 17

PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:05 am
by Leon
For the NC Miata, are the OEM roll hoops sufficient for this event?

Re: UBCSCC 2017 Lapping Event #3 Sunday Sept 17

PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 6:20 pm
by Grasshopper
Hi Leon,

Neither factory roll hoops from the Miata nor S2k are eligible at mission. This is due to our governing body/ insurance requirements for safety.

Re: UBCSCC 2017 Lapping Event #3 Sunday Sept 17

PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:37 pm
by Leon
Thanks Ryan.

I'll see if I can get a rollbar in time. That stuff is expensive.... $600USD + $100USD for shipping, and then install

Re: UBCSCC 2017 Lapping Event #3 Sunday Sept 17

PostPosted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:00 am
by Bmxer
Is the lapping day sold out now? on motorsportreg it shows 37 entries but states "sold out" when you click on the registration link.