Benefits of Late-braking vs. Early-braking

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Benefits of Late-braking vs. Early-braking

Postby richard12311 » Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:52 pm

Hey everyone! Need to up my post counts so I won't need to bother Angelo with helping me post URL's to photobucket... :D

What are your thoughts on late vs early braking? I'm still relatively new to driving in autox, and the upcoming slush event will be my 4th in the subaru.(6 in total including the rusty ae86 hatch). Is the following relatively correct, or am I completely misunderstanding braking.... let me know!

1. Late-braking
Pro: More momentum through a corner = quicker exit speed = faster times
Con: Missing brake point and braking too late will result in understeer/spin out, or by the time you've braked enough your RPMs are too low to power out

2. Early-braking
Pro: Braking earlier will allow you to get on throttle even if you mess up your brake point. Easier to throttle out in a turn than to adjust braking during a corner.
Con: Slower entry speed, may be tempted to get on throttle too much and oversteer...?
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Re: Benefits of Late-braking vs. Early-braking

Postby Traum » Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:03 pm

In autox, I see no benefit to early braking at all. Whatever straightaways we have is already too short, so you really don't want to reduce the lengths of any possible straights even more.

For lapping, there could potentially be some minor benefits in buying you a bit more time, but even then, backing off the throttle early would work better in those cases.
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Re: Benefits of Late-braking vs. Early-braking

Postby thenorm » Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:40 am

easier to recover from braking too early rather than braking too late.

also consider, you can brake later in a straight line versus turning? use trail braking to rotate the car?
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Re: Benefits of Late-braking vs. Early-braking

Postby gtirnick » Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:28 pm

Going to have to agree with Norm on this one. Time lost on missing your apex > than under driving the entry. And the number of times hitting the perfect latest brake is very low %. Brake 1-2 car lengths sooner hit apex 10/10 times or gamble it all and brake late and hit your apex 1/10 times.

When i started I tried braking late as possible, often resulting in blown brake zones, push through a corner, late throttle, distance. If you're triggering abs into the brake zone b/c youre desperately trying to stop the car to not miss the corner, surprise, that brake zone is now actually 15-20 feet longer than it should be, you've added distance (time), and made your time spent braking longer (more time), and have taken your focus away from the corner apex/exit (more lost time).

By braking 1-2 car lengths sooner results in more consistent fast times than gambling it all on missing your apex to find that 0.05 seconds. You can't practice the real time saving skills if you're rolling the dice in every brake zone. The real time savers are distance and on throttle time.
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Re: Benefits of Late-braking vs. Early-braking

Postby won » Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:36 am

Sorry nothing useful to contribute, I just heard brakes :D
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