Car Class - Alfa Romeo Spider 87'

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Car Class - Alfa Romeo Spider 87'

Postby alfaseek1 » Mon May 14, 2018 6:42 pm

Hi everyone,

I've been out to a couple of Auto Xs over the past couple of years, however to this day, no one (especially myself) is really sure what I would be classed as.

Alfa Romeo Spider 1987 - 2000cc 4Cyl

As for the parts:

Sway Bars
Koni Yellow Sport Shocks (Front/Back)
Performance Springs
Chassis Stiffener
Big Brake Kit Conversion (+ Ferodo DS3000/2500 Track Pads)
Sport Exhaust (Front to Back)

Many thanks for the help!

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Re: Car Class - Alfa Romeo Spider 87'

Postby immorality » Mon May 14, 2018 10:15 pm

Depending on the details of the bbk, I'd guess FSP.

Vehicles may only exceed the allowances of Section 13.6 as specified herein.

A. Any brake line, master cylinder, vacuum brake booster, or brake proportioning
valve that meets the requirements of Section 3.3.3.B.13 may be
used. This does not allow multiple separate cylinders. A single master cylinder
brace may be added provided it is bolt-on and serves no other purpose.
One additional hole may be drilled in brake pedal arm for relocation
of the master cylinder pushrod.

B. “Safety brakers” and units such as the “Brake Guard System” are permit- ted.

C. ABS braking systems may be disabled, but not removed; brake boosters
may be removed, modified, substituted, or added.

D. Alternate brake rotors are permitted subject to the following restrictions:
1. Rotors must be ferrous metal except for standard parts. Aluminum rotor
hats are allowed. Rotor dimensions (diameter and thickness) must
be equal to or greater than standard parts. Cars originally equipped
with solid (non-vented) rotors may utilize vented rotors.
2. Cross-drilled and/or slotted brake rotors may be used. Slots/holes
are permitted only in the braking area of the rotor. Rotors featuring a
drum-type parking brake in the hat area of the rotor may not be drilled
or slotted in the parking brake area.

E. Drum brakes may be replaced with disc brakes. Disc brake rotors for such
a conversion must be equal to or greater in diameter than the inside diameter
of the standard brake drum. Changes to backing plates/mounting
brackets/brake lines to accommodate this change are permitted but may
serve no other purpose. Drum-to-disc brake conversions must be bolted,
not welded, to the axle/control arm/upright.

F. Air ducts may be fitted to the brakes provided that no changes are made in
the body/structure for their use. They may serve no other purpose. Backing
plates and dirt shields may be modified or removed.

G. A functional, redundant emergency (parking) brake must be present.

H. Brake calipers may be replaced, provided the number of pistons is equal to
or greater than the original number of pistons. Caliper mounting brackets
may be replaced to accommodate this change, but may serve no other purpose.
Alternate caliper brackets must bolt to the original caliper bracket
mounting location(s).
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Re: Car Class - Alfa Romeo Spider 87'

Postby alfaseek1 » Sun May 20, 2018 6:56 pm

Hi Immorality,

Many thanks for this- I believe my brakes do fit under this category.

"89mm caliper spacing steering uprights - Comprises lightweight 4 pot calipers etched with our cloverleaf logo, vented 280mm grooved discs..."

Will jot myself down for FSP from now on.
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