TECh at slush

Ive got into a lil accident the other day after slush #5 wher ei busted whole left headlight on s13(240sx) and body/frame inside is bent a bit with hood left side of it messed up. there is no possibility of anything flying off. I could open the hood and everything... but last time i closed after replacing whole headlight piece with new one.. hood wont open. how can tech check the car?
i checked everything at a bodyshop and there is nothing wrong with the car.. interms of possibility of anything falling off at autox and such.

battery is bolted down now before hood decided to seize up on me...



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    The damage doesn't look to bad... Is there anyway before sunday you can work at getting the hood to open and close?? Eventualy you need to fix that anyways... Its a hard call since tech is a saftey thing and regulations state we need to check things like battery, throttle linkage... Plus with if by chance there is an underhood fire or something of that nature??
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    I think it is POSSIBLE for someone to pull the hood up while i pull the lever to open it.. but since the body itself is bent at front area.. thats whats causing all this trouble.only left side of it is bent.. so hood hook? or latch? doesnt line up properly....... thus.. it got stuck.
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    Honestly If I was doing Tech I would fail you.. I am sorry man but if the hood wont open it just poses to much of a possible saftey concern... What happens if you have an under hood fire? Regulations state people doing tech do meed to check the battery, throttle linkage and have a general look for oil leaks ect....

    Felix is the head of tech so the final say really comes down to what he thinks..

    My advice it to work at getting it to open and close... The damage its self doesn't look like a saftey concern...
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    its just that that part of the body and where headlight relay? mounts on to was connected by 2 bolts.. but i took it out to reduce stress on the body and the bolt itself... ill try to work on it.

    it can be opened when someone opens the hood while i pull the hood latch
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    is it possible to run without hood? or is that not going to pass tech?
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    You need a hood.

    If we can open the hood by you pulling the cable, that will probably be alright. Why arent you fixing it?
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    as much as i would like to fix it.. im tight on budget. im picking up new hood this saturday.. and i dont have much time to go around shops to get estimates.. until my midterms are done this week. first year sucks.
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    unfortunately, you need to be able to open the hood to check the battery and throttle body
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    Reviving a dino thread!

    I just got back from the T-bird rally, with some damage to my front bumper. More specifically, I lost the plastic skin at both corners in the front. I just went to a collision center and they verified that nothing else has broken, no frame, bracket, nor rebar damage.

    The plastic basically shattered upon contact with the snow because it was too old.

    I'm wondering if I would still pass tech in the current condition, or I have to replace the cover before registering?
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    Hey Mike,

    Its always hard to tell without seeing the damage. Usually as long as there is no structural damage and the rest of the bumper is held on properly we don't have a problem but I always like to make sure before I say there is no issues :) I have send you a pm to get some pictures from you so I can decide from there.

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