March 2nd pics

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not too many..... but i thought i'd share.....

Click on the pics for full size......
2007 Grabber Orange Mustang GT
2007 White Audi A3


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    nice pics.... :lol:
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    One of the great joys of driving a DSM is that, no matter how slow I am, someone always takes a picture. ;)

    - Jtoby
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    how was the cosworth
    any entertainment of the day aka plunge to the bush, burn out?
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    Everyone stayed out of the grass.
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    Jared...Is that your bad rab??
    Peace Out...

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    Yup that's my new race car.....damn, I mean my daily driver :roll:

    Jared Powell-Williams
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    Seems us E/SP guys get into a VW and we rethink our plans to build the Mustangs.......I love my VW, and enjoyed trying to keep up with Jared and Paul in the Stangs during the Slush series, but I cant wait to get back into the Stang this year....but the Jetta will definatly be back for closed club events..... :twisted:
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