UBCSCC Winter Warm Up AutoX - September 27th, 2009


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    thank you as always.

    you know, i have actually framed some of the pics u have snapped of my car over the year and hung them on the wall :)
    Norman Hayton -
    2014 Mustang GT in F Street
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    http://www.flickr.com/photos/19426172@N ... otostream/
    wow what a cool car hehe
    amazing pics man thanks
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    Some nice pic's as always!
    We need to keep an eye on people holding on to the outside of the cars!!
    Alexander Wright
    Ex-UBCSCC President
    98 Honda Civic (SMF)/ 03 Honda S2000 (SSM)
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    Thanks for comin' out again, Kyle!

    Also, wicked capture of my craptacular spin.

    You're the best!
    James McLeod
    DS 97 Integra Type R
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    pics from sunday, kinda biased towards certain cars, sorry folks.
    im down with emailing high res versions for people interested. just let me know

    http://s609.photobucket.com/albums/tt17 ... autocross/
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    Thanks as always. You guys are a great contribution to the club.
    Louis Julien
    ST - 06 Vdub Jetta RS

    "You can tell people’s characters by the way they drive." - Dr. Ferdinand Porsche
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    Yay Thanks so much!!! I see my car, Also see myself at work station 2, awesome pics everyone!
    Justin Chan
    2000 Emerald MIca Miata
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    Damn... Can't believe I missed the chance to have my car's picture taken... :cry:

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    One of the fun runs at the warmup!
    First time running the car and first time taking vid.

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    LOL I see myself running for cones @ 1:35 :)
    Justin Chan
    2000 Emerald MIca Miata
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    awsome.. I see my self running for a cone on the first run... lol.
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    can i get this in full res :)


    and this one

    Thanks :P
    Justin Chan
    2000 Emerald MIca Miata
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