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Hey guys,

I've been wanting to get a suction cup style mount for my point and shoot camera so I can take some video at the events from the car's perspective.

I originally went to London Drugs looking for the "Fat Gecko Large Camera Mount" which was $99. They didnt have it in stock but when I explained what I wanted, they suggested I try out the "Fat Gecko Mini Camera Mount" which they had in stock at $49.

I wasnt convinced but it seems reasonably sturdy and my camera is theoretically built to withstand a 6m drop, so I figured I owed it to science to conduct an experiment on my street car.

This is a quick Youtube video I took with this mount on the front and back of my car. I found the bumpiest road I knew of, and obviously the wind noise would need to be dealt with a bit but overall I was pretty impressed with it.

I am undecided on whether I am going to keep this one or have them order in the bigger one. My gut feeling is this one will work fine, it seems extremely secure once the cup is secured, at least on horizontal surfaces. I think I'm going to upgrade to the dual suction cup model as I'd like to use it on vertical surfaces such as doors, etc.

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    I use the exact same one to record my runs in the car with my DSLR (Canon T1i). No complaints so far, extremely sturdy!
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    You clearly have not seen the bumpy roads yet... that's nearly perfect pavement for the most part! :lol: Try King Edward from Dunbar onwards to UBC... or Dunbar St itself! Parts of Marine Dr around UBC is pretty rough, too.

    I have the same mount, but I have to remember to set it up before my runs, haha. It works pretty well, but I can't get a good angle from the inside of my car.

    I also got a Cruise Cam mount but that cost me $120 after shipping and taxes due to stupid UPS brokerage fee. Seriously stupid shipping.
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    i picked up one of those along the straight at mission. there must have been a bazillion sharp little pieces. make sure it's tethered so you only destroy your paint *when* it falls off.

    there's no replacement for bolting a camera on.
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    just checked 2.l.e states the mount must be tethered. so i'd just get the small one since you're gonna be chaining it.
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    Wanna try my stickypod?
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    I originally asked the gang at London Drugs a year ago to look into getting something for cars and boats and they came up with the two that you looked at.

    I got the dual suction cup. If for some reason the store doesn't have it in stock. Ask if they still have them in warehouse 01 which is their warehouse in Richmond.

    Last I checked they had 4 with more on order.

    The suction cups are the same as the ones used in the Go Pro cameras so they're very good.

    We've used them at the last rally x which is pretty bumpy.

    Like in the video link below

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