Rally Master - memories

Video Link to Rally Master videohttp://www.blip.tv/file/2114886

A video I happened to come accross which brought back alot of memories of the glory days of rallying for me.
The guys I called my heroes and tried to assimilate my techniques to. I would always try to get pointers from them and listen to them talk about how to land a jump or clip an apex with on wheel in the rut. Or slow the car down in a snowbank.
Some of the stuff can be used for autocross, not much, but some.
Hope you enjoy this classic. An era when Group B was just starting to become King.

That Datsun 510 you see there BTW was an ex Safari African rally car that Nissan Canada bought and then used for the National Rally Championship for a few years before they moved onto the 200SX.
This was when Taisto had just switched over to his new Celica as well. Neither of them could compete against the onslaught of the AWD power the Audi's displayed.
Buffum had moved from driving customized AWD RX7's and 323GTX's to the Audi's in North America.
Uncle Larry
Team Ecurie Snoopy 1966-2013
"r5,in 100 Crest jump flat flat flat out"
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