UBCSCC/Toyo Track Day #1 - July 9th, 2010


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    Pictures are gorgeous as always!
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    Steffii wrote:
    Pictures are gorgeous as always!

    +1, I totally agree. Thanks for the awesome shots.
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    Thanks again!
    I hope you didn't get too burned out there. You looked like a lobster!

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    thanks again. These are awesome!
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    Ha ha I've got a total photographers burn going. My right bicep left a funny shadow on my chest because of the way I was holding my camera. I was pretty confused getting out of the shower, until I assumed my normal stance for photos, then I just had to laugh. Better than last year though, remembered not to use a neck strap this time :D
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    Beautiful work. Very appreciated.
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    Awesome pics man! Thanks!!
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    Fantanstic! I sent you a PM.

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    Much appreciated!
    Thank you
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