Video from trackday #2

Hi guys, just uploaded my recording of session #6. Youtube has a limit of 15 minutes for videos, so I will upload earlier sessions once I figure out how to edit/split videos into two parts. Any suggestions on my driving/recommended video editing programs would be great! Session 6

Added Session 1: Part 1 Part 2
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    Haha nice, chased me down quick. Its kinda omnious to see myself from your car, didnt realise there was so much body roll. Great driving buddy!

    The only thing I noticed is you may be turning a bit early into cascade (Im still struggling with this myself, need more courage!), as well as forcing the car wide into turn 5, I think you would benefit from hugging it closer.
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    Hahaha, your brakes+tires terrified me.
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    Haha Scott, I think I may have been able to brake even later! I'd glad you had fun. Thanks for the props.

    Ivan, you're right about the entry to 5, the only time I even attempted to go tight was when I was following you. You really beat the crap out of that Civic, shieeet. I saw puffs of dirt as you straddled the white line on the outside of turn 4, you got really close to the wall!

    I think I need to change my line for turn 8-9 complex, maybe go wider on 8, so I don't have to turn the wheel so much for 9.
    2007 Mustang GT
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    Yah, awesome video. I want a GoPro.
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    jason t wrote:
    Yah, awesome video. I want a GoPro. ... nching-18/

    What timing!
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    Nice run. Keep at it. Looking good.
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    nice. glad I waited on buying a hero.
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    slow+ugly wrote:
    i forgot to add i cant drive worth a poop.
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