Introduction to Autocross

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With the beginning of the Slush season and a ton of new faces at Slush #1, I figured it would be a good time to post this.

This is what I usually send to people who want to learn more about Autocross.
Some information on Autocross (aka Solo in the US or Autoslalom in Canada)

Wikipedia entry on Autocross

Sea of Cones : A Documentary About Autocross (9:20 min)

MSNBC story on Autocrossing and Family (3:15 min)

Speedway Music Video from the SCCA Solo National Championship
With 1,200 drivers it's the largest motorsport event of it's kind.

Road & Track article on their 2010 SCCA Solo Nationals experience.

An in car video of the fatest STS miata at the 2009 SCCA Solo National Championship (1:19 min)

Local autocross clubs (UBC Sport Car Club founded in 1956) (Founded in 1982)

To participate you only need a car in working order, 4 decent tires and $25-30 for the entry fee. (No fee for spectators)

And if they say they want to participate

Some reading materials
Speed Secrets - Winning Autocross Techniques by Ross Bentley

How to Autocross by Andrew Howe

Grassroots Motorsports
Periodical devoted to low-cost performance cars, driving skill improvement, and amateur motorsports such as road racing, autocross and rallying.

And finally


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