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    When Kyle and I were standing at corner 5, this happened: :shock:




    Mark Uhlmann, UBCSCC Ex-Pres
    BM #51: 2004 Stohr WF1
    STX #67: 2011 BMW 128i (sold 2019)
    DSP #67: 1997 BMW 328is (sold 2012)
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    Baby you're money! Thanks for the kickass fotos 8)
    Eat your burgers plain for the first few months, don't worry about modding them with fancy condiments, spend your money on eating out more or an eating school.

    Once you have the hang of eating your plain burger then worry about condiments.
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    Wow, awesome pictures Kyle!! Thanks!!!
    Andre Millette
    '99 Miata - STR
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