Anyone know bodywork?

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Hey guys,

I'm looking for some (paid) help on my project car. It's like a Locost, or Seven, but a custom build. Think Caterham R500 but way crappier :mrgreen:

Anyhow, I don't know bodywork and if I have to learn, the car may not be done by this summer. So I am looking for someone who knows filler, little bit of fiberglass work, and can spray epoxy primer. This is race-car, not show-car. All I am looking for is to make it all one colour and decent enough that the CVI inspector won't fail it on looks alone. Mechanical is nearly done.

My car/shop is located at 168th st and 40th ave in Surrey. I can't see towing it somewhere, but if you have a shop and can get it done let me know.

Some pics here: ... 2236362050
Car is a bit further along but I had a HDD crash and lost a bunch of data (arg!).

Thanks for any help,
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    Can't help you with the question but I would love to know the inspection/registration process in detail. What motor and rear end are those?
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    wow... looks like a fun project...

    I am going to take a guess and say its a 3.8LSC with a camero bell housing... t-5 transmission and ford mustang 8.8 in the rear? Or is it a 2.2L s-10 bell housing?
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    Good guess.
    3.8l SC from a 97 Buick regal (same engine as pontiac GTP). 275bhp/275ft/lbs or so. Bellhousing is 2.2L S10 to get the transmission vertical (camaro are tilted to lower it, but makes it wider). Trans/clutch etc are 1997 V6 camaro. Rear end is 7.5" fox body mustang with eaton LSD (because I had it laying around).

    The inspection/regi process is basically this:

    -Apply for BC VIN number. Paperwork, and around $40(?). You need a notary to sign a note saying where you bought your major parts from. Need to submit receipts for whatever they ask for. Seems like they just want proof you aren't putting stolen parts in. Vehicle will be classed as a Ubilt (unless you buy a kit, then you may get Replikit status).
    -get a BC VI done at any inspection shop. This is the normal lights, brakes, suspension etc check you would take any car through. You do need to find a shop that understands what this sort of car is all about. You will likely have to change a few things that they don't like so play nice. They will want a "structural inspection" done as well; That is a guy who normally inspects body-shop repairs will come around and look over the car, welds, etc. If both inspectors are happy with what you have, you pass. Inspector will install the BC VIN on your car.
    -at some point you need a weight certificate for insurance purposes. This can be done whenever, but you cannot insure the car to drive until the inspection is done.
    -get insurance. Give autoplan agent all the required info, weight. You're best off letting them know beforehand that you will be coming in to do this. Gives them a chance to figure out what is what rather than you sit there for hours.

    That's it in theory. In reality, there are a few horror stories about the regi process. The general sense is to play nice, and do whatever they (ICBC, inspectors) want. Even if it doesn't make sense or doesn't say so on paper.
    I got as far as the BC VIN last summer when I realized the BCVI shop probably wouldn't pass it because the bodywork was too.... hasty (was trying to make a car meet). Making him think the whole car was put together badly. So then when he started talking about different things I realized I wouldn't make the date and got a *tad* annoyed with the car. I'm just now starting to work on it again.

    Thanks for any help. I think I'll go talk with a bodyshop owner I know and see if he will do it. I'll even promise not to tell anyone he worked on it :wink: I do plan on tidying up the body at a later date, but I really need to drive the **** thing to stay interested.
    Red 09 Yaris 5-dr. H-street/FSP
    Black Seven (Caterham knockoff) E-mod
    Silver 01 Miata STR
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