2012 ASN Canada FIA Canadian AutoSlalom Championship


Twin Lakes Motor Club (TLMC) is pleased to announce that after six years the ASN Canada FIA Canadian AutoSlalom Championship is returning to Ontario! Presented by Toyo Tires, this year’s championship will be organized under the direction of Arris Gaffoor and Steven Day, Co-Organizers and Co-Course Designers. The Subaru Performance Drivers Association (SPDA) will support TLMC in its efforts to host the championships in Ontario for 2012. The SPDA was the host club of the 2006 ASN Canada FIA Canadian AutoSlalom Championship.

The dates to remember for 2012 are August 24, 25 and 26 and the event will take place at the Barrie Molson Centre, 555 Bayview Drive in Barrie, Ontario. The Championships will use the 2012 ASN-SCCA AutoSlalom Preparation Rules available for viewing at http://www.asncanada.com Supplementary regulations are forthcoming in the next couple of weeks, as is the launch of our website at http://www.nationalautoslalom.ca. Competitors will be able to register online through the website at a cost of $120.00 for all three days. Total registration will be limited to 200 competitors. All competitors must pre-register and registration will only remain open until Friday August 17 at 11:59 p.m.

The first day, Friday August 24 will see competitors arrive at the venue, complete check-in and tech inspection. There will be an open test session on a mock AutoSlalom course. Saturday August 25 will be the first day of competition while Saturday night brings reflection and bench racing at a dinner and drinks mingler. Sunday August 26 will bring the final day of competition and after the totaling of times from both days, class winners will be declared and trophies awarded.

As the presenting sponsor, Toyo is pleased to offer a contingency program for competitors, including Type1 discounts on the Toyo Proxes R888 through the Team Toyo Racing program. Competitors will have to register for the program at http://www.toyotires.ca Competitors who compete on the aforementioned Toyo Proxes R888’s or the Toyo Proxes R1R tires and finish in first place in the contingency program will be rewarded for their performance with one set of Toyo Proxes R1R tires for Street Touring competitors and one set of Toyo Proxes R888 for the DOT race tire competitors. Second place competitors will receive $300 in product coupons while third place will receive $200 in product coupons. Coupons can then be redeemed at a Toyo Motorsport dealer for use on either Proxes R888 or R1R tires. Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, Toyo Tire Canada Inc. is focused on the comprehensive sales, marketing, communications, and customer service for the Toyo Tires brand in Canada. Please visit http://toyotires.ca

Less than two years after bringing the Scion brand to Canada, Scion will be launching the all new FR-S, which will be available for test drives on course during Friday’s test session. The FR-S, which stands for Front-engine, Rear-wheel drive, Sport; is Scion’s definition of an authentic rear-wheel-drive sports car with exceptionally balanced performance and handling, compelling style, flexible utility and surprising fuel efficiency. For many, the FR-S is the definition of the perfect daily driver and weekend warrior. Its 2-plus-2 seating configuration with a fold-flat cargo area is large enough to transport a full set of race tires for a fun day at the track. In addition, the flat architecture of the FR-S’ engine gives it a low centre of gravity, rivaling some exotic super cars. To learn more about the FR-S and other Scion models visit http://www.scion.ca

TrakkTape is undoubtedly the best temporary paint protection available and will be sponsoring the trophies for the class winners. Stop protecting your paint with tape designed for painting walls purchased at your local hardware store. TrakkTape is designed for protecting finished surfaces and as such is easy to apply and removes with minimal to no residue. Properly applied, it is virtually invisible in track day photography. At the end of the day or weekend, just peel off the tape and with it the cone or debris marks. Visit http://www.trackdayprotection.com for details.

Twin Lakes Motor Club (TLMC) was created in 1959 by autosport enthusiasts for the purpose of promoting grassroots motorsports in the Central Ontario region. TLMC members are from all walks of life and participate to varying degrees in AutoX, Time Trials, Ice Racing, Rallying and Road Racing. For additional information visit Twin Lakes Motor Club’s website at http://twinlakesmc.org/

The SPDA Motorsport club is a non-profit organization that is composed of a group of automotive enthusiasts who wish to further their goals of competing in and organizing motorsport activities. The club’s roots were formed as a group of Subaru enthusiasts united to form the Subaru Performance Driver’s Association, and in 2006 became http://www.spda-online.ca and diversified to all automotive enthusiasts. Club members compete under the SPDA banner at various race events, Solosprints (time trial), Autoslalom (AutoX), track lapping days, sanctioned drag meets, rallies and rallycross.
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