Radar detector retailers in the lower mainland

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Hello friendly friends!

Since I started dating my lovely girlfriend in Kelowna, I've been driving the glorious Coquihalla highway a lot. As you may be aware, speed limits are sometimes enforced on this highway, but I've yet to see them actually observed by the public. I haven't been nailed yet, but I'm pretty sure it's only a matter of time...

I digress! I've done my homework and am looking at picking up either a Valentine-1 or the Escort Redline model. I'm wondering what other peoples' experiences with radar detectors around Vancouver have been, or where you've bought them.

Any advice or insight is welcome and appreciated!
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    Lordco carries Escort, don't know how competitive the pricing is though.
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    this might be one of those case where u buy from 'Merica! I'm sure the prices on Amazon or ebay of whatever will crush Canadian retailers
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    Had Valentine 1 for years..... - what all the others are compared to. Only gripe is that it will "false" in areas - and with no ability to mark (GPS) certain spots on your daily drive that will set off the detector.

    Has saved my butt many times while travelling across North America, however I've dropped my driving speeds down significantly as I age, so I don't often use my radar detector when I tow or daily drive.

    However I will use my detector on days I'm taking my "fun" cars out and know I may possibly "open up" every once in a while.

    Not sure what the RCMP are using along the Coq now, but if it's instant on - your only hope if to catch a stray signal from a car ahead of you. (using a detector properly invovles some "tactical" driving on your part

    Most of my high end clients and friends choose Valentine.
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    Yeah, I don't think it'll serve much use on my daily drives - Unfortunately I'm pretty much always restricted to the speed of the wall of cars in front of me ;}
    The speeding fines are so brutally punitive now, though. If I get clocked doing 150 on the Coq, that pays for a detector, what, like 5 times over?

    Thankfully I'm clean so far, but it just seems like an unnecessary risk. Can't do too much about instant-on, just pray there's someone in range ahead of you haha :}

    Thanks kindly for the Lordco tip, and for the Valentine popularity note. I'm leaning towards it for sure, but availability is a bit of a kick in the nuts.
    Dave Woodside
    UBCSCC Secretary of Steak (tube and otherwise)
    '97 328iS - The black one with too much front camber (as though that's even possible - nyah!)
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    I've actually been saved by the V1 detecting stray laser readings a number of times. I think the instant on laser signal is quite strong so if you are (un)lucky to have someone get buzzed in front of you, the V1 will go off and scare you into slamming on the brakes.
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    There's some information on this site. I came across it a few years ago when I was looking for one. http://www.kmph.ca/
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