UBCSCC Slush 6 - Feb 24th, 2013 - Pictures and Videos

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Pics and videos from the event - share them here!
Ken Au-Yeung - HBL Autosports 2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS - STC
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    Nigel Koit
    2002 Honda S2000 STR
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    when i was going through my videos, i watch a few of them upside down (the camera was upside down, so before i rotated them). and the vids were surprisingly easy to follow, all the cones, cars, course workers etc were reflecting in the water. it was like racing just under the surface of the water. try it.

    Norman Hayton -
    2014 Mustang GT in F Street
    1999 BMW 323i for Rallycross
    2011 FSP Canadian National Champion
    2017 FS Canadian National Champion
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    My fastest scratch run. I guess I got excited and entered the first corner too fast :roll:
    Red 09 Yaris 5-dr. H-street/FSP
    Black Seven (Caterham knockoff) E-mod
    Silver 01 Miata STR
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