Recognize Cars?

I have been asked to pass this on to anyone who can recognize individual vehicles. Please read below:


I am doing some research at the UBC Human Vision and Eye-Movement lab, into how people recognise faces and cars. Humans are generally very good at recognising human faces but are much poorer at distinguishing other objects such as cars. Car experts are an exception to this. There are two possibilities in how your brains may be doing this: 1) the area of the brain used for recognizing faces can also be used to distinguish between different types of cars, OR 2) you are using two different parts of your brain/mechanisms. We would like to answer this!

To do this, we’re looking for 10-12 car experts who may be up for volunteering 1hr of their time at VGH (around mid-late July), on a computer task (“which face / car did you see?”). These car experts should be able to distinguish between different car models without the car logos.
Would you be able to pass this message onto your members to see if any car experts are interested in participating, or would want more information, about this study ? We will compensate you for your time, but mostly you will be contributing HUGELY to our understanding of how the brain is organised, and how learning can influence our visual experiences!

Please let me know if you think your club would be interested in participating in our study and send me the email addresses of any interested members. Thank you so much for your time!

Linda Wang (email:"
Ryan Richman - exUBCSCC VP
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