Try again! -- Project 240-2

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They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result... well meet my 2nd .. 1992.. Nissan 240sx.. hatchback

A little about myself. I've always loved cars as far as I can remember. I didn't realize how strong subliminal advertising was.. my first / favourite car in Need for Speed Underground was a 240sx.. I only rediscovered this after pulling the game out again years after buying my first car but here we are. Initially I thought of the car as an awesome way to gain some real hands on skills while in school.. then UBCSCC / AutoX happened and its been pure addiction ever since.

After my first 240sx was written off in November 2010 (see history: First Car Love -- Project 240-1), I launched myself into the search for a new project car. Although I wasn't completeley set on another 240sx they were definitely still one of my favourites within my post ICBC settlement price range (who knew ICBC doesn't place a very high value on 20 year old japanese cars with 340,xxx km ?!?).

So after a few months of searching and going crazy with this new found addiction to AutoX, I found my new project to kick off 2011!
A 1992 Nissan 240sx hatchback. Old, worn,Tanabe coilovers slammed as low as they could go as well as a set of 300zx front brake calipers topped the list of modifications on the car when I picked it up... along with some seriously bald tires, which made the drive home from Chilliwack in January a lively 'get to know you' experience with my new friend.

The night I first brought it home

Yes I bought essentially the identical car to my first 240sx.. just in black..

The coilovers that came on it were in pretty rough shape so I swapped the set I had salvaged off my first 240 on.. along with some other suspension rods :D

Of course there had to be a bit of drama... it would be boring otherwise right?

Phil Binka @ Rise Auto Salon did a fantastic job patching me up though!

Because apparently its impossible to buy a 240 with good tires on it.. (wonder why??).. one of the first big buys for the car:

As UBCSCC does... Slush series!.. with real slush on the ground!
And the addiction grew... eating cones for sustenance

And then in 2012 Mission Raceway happened...
Gotta say huge thanks to Koju from Takeda racing for the lift home on his flatbed that day!

So turns out the clutch fork pivot sheared clean off.. Huge thanks to Don Nimi (PDM Racing) for getting the parts I needed quick!
Why not do a little upgrade while its all apart.. a little 'retail therapy' from the damage of my first trackday

So after the absolute joys of messing around with my transmission out on my driveway for a while I figured I could do anything! Why not start body work?!
Due to a random chain of events I found myself in a position to purchase a lovely s15 silvia front end conversion... and attempt to install... just dont look too closely
For those of you who question why I would do something this for a 'racecar' or at least.. not a show car... well it allegedly drops 60 lbs off the front of the car (remove all hardware for pop-up headlights / motors.. CF hood.. fiber glass fenders.. etc etc.) the numbers my be exagerated but I swear I could feel the difference even if it was purely psychological!.. and I like it.. so theres that :roll:

Besides I thought the club could use a snow plow for those especially frozen slush series events.

So thats where the car sits today.. the body work is rough and worn.. she definitely isn't perfect, but a work in progress and a ton of fun to drive!

We'll see what comes next!

Graeme Adamson
1992 Nissan 240sx - SM
1990 Nissan GT-R - SSM


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