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If anyone doesn't know me I'm Norman, been in the club for 10 years now. I've been autoxing my current car for about 8 years from H stock up to FSP.
You may not have seem me around lately as I am working 6 month in Australia, and even when I was around I might have been driving other cars (last slush series I was in Genevieve's STI)

I've got a build thread from another forum that I'd share with you guys. here's the orignal link if interested ... p?t=317578

I’ve had my Focus nearly 10 years now, and it’s been through a lot in that time, auto-x champ, rally-x, track days, all while being a daily driver. I thought I would put together a build thread documenting what I’ve done.

Here’s how she looks now. My mods to this car are just about done. I think I’ll enjoy it as is for a few more years, then take it off the road.


2004 Ford Focus ZX3

• window tint
• tinted taillight and turnsignals
• vinyl window banner
• SVT front lip
• European OEM grill
• Fog light turn signals
• F2 fender flares
• 17x9 Cobra R replica wheels with 255/40R17 tires.

• %100 OEM

• SVT intake
• 65mm TB
• Ported Early 2000 intake manifold
• Tune
• SVT header/ ORP/ flex
• Custom stainless 2.5” catback

Suspension & Drivetrain
• H&R Race Springs
• Koni Yellow shocks
• LCR camber plates
• FocusSport lower front strut bar
• Custom Rear strut bar
• Torsen ATB Differential
• SVT brake swap
• Stainless brake lines
• Full poly bushings
• Eibach 25mm rear sway bar

Now the roughly step by step photos.

One of the first major mods I did was to buy some 17” FRD wheels. I didn’t like the caps so I got custom vinyl. Also put a banner on the windshield.

Next was some coilovers. I ended up having custom spring perches machined because they were just too low.
Ford Racing Coilovers (aka KW V1)

Custom rear spring perchs
December_2006072.jpg December_2006073.jpg

I had a chance to buy some Team Dynamics Pro Race 1 17x7, 45 mm ET for a really good price and they came with tires. These are a nice, strong, light 17lb wheel with touring car race heritage.


Installing the torsen

Installing poly bushings

And one of my favourite DIY mod, the Fog light turn signals, which I created. I coupled it with a Euro slat grill straight from
Using 4 relays, 2 diodes, and 2 load resistors, the foglights act as my turn signals but also function perfectly as fog lights (and as my DRL). It brings a really clean look to the front of the car. The details are in the link if anyone wants to convert.


Since I had cut my fenders for auto-x to clear my race tires. I then worked on fitting aggressively sized street tires. This was purely for looks, so I didn’t care much about the weight of wheel. I went with 17x9” Cobra R replicas. I fitted a 255/40R17 tire. No poke and stretch for me thank you! Function>Form.

It took a lot of work to get it to fit, the tire is very wide and tall.
• I’ve enlarged the wheel well by removing about 2” vertically of fender metal so that the tire would have clearance.
• I’ve modified and/or destroyed the wheel well liner.
• I’ve had to clearance where the fender and bumper meet.
• I had to remove the lip on the back of the F2 flares to make them fully functional. I bought the flares years ago off a member, so I don’t have a current source for them.
• To match the bumper to the flares, I notched the back of the bumper, and bent/stretched the edges out, and added a spacer.
• I had also plastic welded tabs on the back of the bumper to properly attach the SVT lip.
• For the wheels, I had 4mm machined on the hub face (as much as was possible) to bring the wheels a bit closer.
• The tires are Sumitomo HTR Z II; they suck hard, but they were cheap, and this setup is for looking good, not the track (I have other wheels for that).

With this fitment, everything tucks, and it only rubs in the rear when I hit a big bump at speed. The pictures don't do it justice. It looks best when you are following it on the road, seeing it in motion. These wheels/tires look bonkers wide in real life. props to UBCSCC friend Bill Kwok of for the photoshoot.


I’ve got lots more to show, a bunch of race pictures etc, so that will be in the next post.
Norman Hayton -
2014 Mustang GT in F Street
1999 BMW 323i for Rallycross
2011 FSP Canadian National Champion
2017 FS Canadian National Champion


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    Part 2

    I’ve done a lot of extracurricular activity with my car during it’s 180k km.

    Road Trips

    I’ve taken my car on road trips across 10 states and 2 provinces. 10000 km in one month.
    Visited Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta and saw many landmarks.


    I started auto-x this car in H-stock, the slowest of the slow. This was back in the Boundary Bay era. I used some OEM 15” wheels with yokohama A032 R compound tires.

    With this setup I was Novice Driver of the Year in my region, and soon after I won the UBCSCC Slush Series in both my group (stock cars) and overall champion, based on PAX.

    Next I moved up to FSP when I installed the coilovers.
    I got a set of Team Dynamics ProRace 1 15x7, 45mm ET. These wheels are special in that they are my first set to clear SVT brakes (300mm rotor). a rare feat, as there are only a handful of 15" wheels that can do it.
    I used Kuhmo v710 tires in 225/50R15.

    But I wanted more grip, so inspired by OmniFocus, I stepped up to the 275/35R15 Hoosiers and cut my fenders to make clearance.
    The wheels are Diamond Racing Wheels. 15x10”, 5.5” backspacing, 19lbs. They also clear SVT brakes, which makes this set #2 that I bought.
    This is also when I added most of the bolt on parts and suspension upgrades. For racing I would install a sparco race seat, but its too uncomfortable to daily drive.
    Cutting the fenders.


    A large photoshoot I did.

    This was a winning setup. I could reliably take top 5 PAX at regional events.
    I also won FSP at packwood national tour twice
    And I won at Canadian Nationals, I am the 2011 FSP Canadian National Champion

    I then wanted to change to a reverse stagger setup, I couldn’t get enough heat into the rear tires. So I put the Diamonds up for sale. I only needed to sell two, but I sold all 4, and researched and bought a set 949 racing wheels 15x10”.

    They are only 13 lbs, 6.3” backspacing, but unfortunately 4x100. So, you simply use a ¾” thick bolt pattern adapter and you end up with a perfect 5.5” backspacing.
    I also had to do some minor clearancing of the back of the wheel, and bought super short open lugnuts.

    So with this one upgrade, I dropped 6 lbs per corner of unsprung weight. This is also my third set of 15” wheels that clear SVT brakes. And i'm the first person that i know of to put 949 wheels on a Focus



    Ice rally-x
    For winter I bought some studded snow tires. General Altimax Arctic.
    I used them to go ice racing. I usually win the 2wd class and embarass a lot of Subaru's in the process.

    Rally X
    Also I take my car to rally-x on gravel. I typically win these too.

    TSD Rally

    I’ve also done TSD navigation rallies.
    Thunderbird Rally

    Totem Rally

    and that is up to date. I'll be back in Canada in November, so I'll be coming out to the slush series again.
    Norman Hayton -
    2014 Mustang GT in F Street
    1999 BMW 323i for Rallycross
    2011 FSP Canadian National Champion
    2017 FS Canadian National Champion
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