Pacific Forest Rally - Looking for Volunteers

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HI Y'all.

Just wanted to post this on behalf of the sister club to the UBCSCC. The WCRA is hosting the 2013 Pacific Forest Rally, a Stage rally that will have National, international and regional competitors from across Canada and the US. Team Subaru Canada will be there with Rocket Rally and the Rockstar Mistu will be there to compete for the top spot.

As many of you are aware, UBCSCC got started in rallying and was big in doing all kinds of rally events in BC before there was a WCRA or IRC or what have you. UBCSCC was here before VCMC an there is a lot of pride that comes with being a member of this club.

The rally community is looking for volunteers to help out at this event. What do you get for volunteering?
Uber cool and limited production run Pacific Forest Rally T-shirt, hotel accommodation (shared room), lunch and a chance to get dirty up and close with the rally cars as they go blitzing past you at high speed sideways (or backwards, or on it's side door, or rolling over or jumping or on fire or all of the above (if you recall team Subaru's rally at Defi a few years ago).

It's tough work, but rewarding and it also gives you a chance to be on the same rally roads as the rally cars.
If you are interested, or even want to come out to spectate. Send Nicki or myself an email. or

There will even be a few UBCSCC alumni there competing at the event. Cheer them on to the finish.
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