Shipping to Point Roberts

I have used the letter carrier in the past but I noticed today that they are no longer accepting tires:

I guess they should have added it to the "Too lazy to manage" list instead of prohibited items. Anyways I'm switching to TSB, anyone has experience with these guys?


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    I've used them. Then i get gas at the Texaco (Chevron affiliate) accross the street, its cheap for 92 octane. While your their grab a 6 pack of Kona Beer. yum.
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    TSB has been great for me. From tiny parcels to bulk sized items like wheels and tires, they have served me really well. I do have to complains about TSB though:

    1) Their waiting area is small, and on a Saturday, it often gets really crowded.
    2) They are not open on Sundays.

    Despite TSB's excellent service, for the last 2 years or so, I have switched to PR Shell instead:

    They are not quite as super organized as TSB, but their prices are competitive, and best of all, they are open on Sunday. Not having to fight everybody else to cross the border on the always-busy Saturdays works really well for my schedule.
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    Going to try TSB for now as I've heard of them before... but you are right about them being more expensive. Letter carrier was alright but too busy and too lazy... I try to go there on a weekday if I can and avoid line ups altogether.
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    I've used TSB as well, have had no issues with them for things up to and including rims and tires.
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    i use mcfrugals

    open 7 days, about the same price, no line ups ever.
    shhh.. silly tsb and lettercarrier people lining up.

    drive past the chevron on the left up to the 3 way , turn right, drive 45 seconds down the road and its on the right.
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    Been using TSB for quite some time now. employees there already know me by name
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