4 Stroke Karting in the Northwest (Future Kart Team Journal)

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Future Kart Team

Hey Everyone!!

This year Nicholas Chu, Jovan Vuksic, Joseph Neaime and myself have decided to compete in the up and coming LO206 (4 stroke) karting class regionally with support from Michael Denham. Most people aren't aware of the karting scene in the PNW so I thought I'd make a post documenting our year of racing to show motorsports enthusiast!
Local Tracks:
Greg Moore Raceway (Chilliwack, BC)
Pacific Grand Prix (Seattle International Raceway, Kent WA)
Sima Raceway (Sumas, WA)

Luckily a few years ago I got into karting as someone was getting out of the sport and I picked up a kart with trailer and a bunch of parts. If I do say so myself we are starting to look like an actual team!! Future Kart Team came from a joke that one day we will be a real team..... one day in the future. I still have high hopes!

(The team setup at the track)

This last weekend (May 18/19) West Coast Kart Club (WCKC) hosted a double header race weekend at Greg Moore Raceway and I competed both days with Joseph Joining me on Sunday. There are plenty of stories from both days but it was easily one of the best racing weekends I've ever had!!


Saturday May 17th:
Pre-final: 2nd
Final: 2nd (video)

Sunday May 18th:
Prefinal: 8th
Final: Crashed out
(Saturday Final Race with my Pivothead sunglasses camera including commentary)

Sunday May 18th:
Prefinal: 3rd
Final: 2nd
(Joseph's video from Sunday Combined. Keep in mind the first 2 min is actually practice before showing the races)

Michael Denham was a huge help all weekend being a team mechanic/race director/photographer and put together a great video from the outside showing just how close the racing was!!!

As you can see the LO206 engine isn't very fast but the advantage is the racing. This weekend we had up to 10 karts in the class and expect to have 15-20 average for the rest of the year!!! Due to the simplicity of the engines the parity in speed creates fantastic racing.

If anyone has any questions about karting please feel free to ask!! I think karting in the northwest region is a well kept secret that even the most hardcore racers don't know about.

Hope to keep up to date with this thread as we progress through the year!

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    Where: Chilliwack BC, Greg Moore Raceway
    Track: Reversed direction (Counter clockwise)

    WCKC's 5th race of the year runs this Sunday with a full day of practice held on the Saturday before. With a few more drivers in town this weekend the LO206 grid looks to be the biggest this year and the most competitive!!!

    As usual the GMR RaceNow Challenge will be running offering people who are interested a full race day for only $300 (2-3 practice sessions, qualifying, 2 races. All equipment and race day fees included)!!!

    More about GMR Racenow challenge: http://www.westcoastkartclub.com/gettin ... challenge/

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    My last LO206 race didn't go to plan:

    Luckily the rear axle was only slightly bent and was a quick fix for the guys at BBR karting. I'll be out and racing this weekend hoping to end up at the front!

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    Greg Moore Raceway from a drone video:

    http://www.richardbasford.com <<<<< STS Miata Build!
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