More rally? Join the Pacific Forest Rally

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I wasn't sure where to post this, but thought that since UBCSCC got it's roots in rallying back in the 60's and they were one of the biggest car clubs involved in this sport, I thought I'd post this here.

For those of you who don't know me, I've been involved with the club a few years back and my old call sign was mojoyaris. (I lost my info and so created a new one finally.)

The Pacific Forest Rally organizers are looking for volunteers who love pro rallying and would like to get a front row seat in front where all the action takes place.
The PFR will be featuring new stages and new spectator points, and I hear there will be new and bigger jumps!

For those of you have have tried TSD rallying and had fun, this is the next stage on your way to being the next Stig Blomqvist or Petter Solberg or Colin McRae or even the amazing Michele Mouton! Or if you're into right seating it as a navigator and love the thrill of the ride please come and check it out.
The CRC has done up a little promotional video below. (also ubcscc alumni)

The PFR team is looking for volunteers and if not that, please come out to sunny Merritt and spectate and drop in and say hi!

Or just send an email to

Best regards,
Uncle Larry
Slomo P2WD Yaris

Hmmmm, I'm not allowed to post url's so can't post a link to the Youtube video or their webpage. Maybe Norm or Ken can do something to help?
UBCSCC Exec at Large 2005-2010 ish.
WCRA Exec - treasurer 2012-2014 ish
Ecurie Snoopy Rally Team was an original UBCSCC rally team from the 60's


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    Pacific Forest Rally volunteer home page for any of those interested
    Ryan Richman - exUBCSCC VP
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