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Hey guys, been a few years since ive been on here. I now have a 2012 Focus SEL. I have a few questions before i buy anything regarding which class ill fall into.

For starters, Am I allowed to go from the stock 16" wheels and buy either Focus ST 18's, or aftermarket wheels which are the the size (18"x8") and relatively the same weight as the ST wheels to stay in HS? This will allow me to go from my little 215/60/16 to the 235/40/18 :D

Lastly, if I do springs, struts, sway bars, intake, exhaust, that puts me into STF, am I able to run the stock ST tire size, or would I have to drop down to a 225/45/18?

Thanks for any clarification.
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    well, technically you would need to upgrade to the Titanium trim to be able to use the 18"x8 wheels. But I don't think anyone would really raise an eyebrow if you just used 18" anyways.
    weight doesnt matter, just diameter and offset.
    "Any type wheel may be used provided it complies with the following:
    A. It is the same width as standard and as installed it does not have an
    offset more than ±¼” (±6.35mm) from a standard wheel for the car.
    The resultant change in track dimensions is allowed.
    B. Wheel (rim) diameter may be increased or decreased 1” from the
    standard part."

    if you go to STF, max tire width is 225 and max wheel with is 7.5" . so make no sense to go with 18's in that case. some nice 15x7.5 would do.
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