Are F125 shifter karts allowed in AutoX and Greg Moore track

Looking into buying f125 shifter kart if they are allowed in autox and Greg Moore racetrack. Does anybody know if they are allowed?


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    I don't believe shifter carts are allowed at auto-X, but ill take a look and get back to you
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    In Canada, at any CACC affiliated event, Karts are specifically banned. (trust me, Cliff tried, I tried, Sheldon tried, but to no avail.) Karts even used to run at Knox back in the 80's.

    If you run down south, they do have Junior Kart programs starting up at all Regionals for PNW Region - but not sure if shifter karts are allowed to run at regular events. (likely would) I do know at Tour and the Nat Pro shifters run for sure.

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    I was hoping to kill two birds with one stone - practice at Greg Moore raceway and autox it as I'm getting into karting this summer. But I guess I'll have to make do with just Greg Moore raceway and a 4stroke kart.
    That's a shame I bet f125s are fun as hell.
    After getting a ride in lotus 7 last event I've got a open wheel car fever...
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    ooh, that means a 7th member for mlp racing.. hehe

    interested in joining us to get into a rental container danil?
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    Probably. Is that where you store and work on your kart at Greg Moore track?
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    Yes, jovan, rich and i store our karts out there.
    kevin with the yellow s2000, is buying a kart as well. so if you're interested we can try to get into a large container.

    rent is around 3-400$ for the whole year per person depending on size of container. its kind of nice just leaving it out there and not having to trailer it around.
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