Fastrack Autobody Track Day @ Pacific Raceways - Fri, Sept 4

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VCMC is proud to announce that registration for our 3rd and final track day on Fri, Sept 4 is open! Please head over to and sign up before the available spots in your run group are sold out!

(Pacific Raceways (Kent, Washington) track map by Will Pittenger - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

Our Pacific Raceways track day aims to provide a well-organized event with tons of seat time, 1-on-1 instruction for novices, and professional track marshals to keep the event safe, fun, and efficient.

Sign up by 11:59pm on Sun, Aug 16 to enjoy the early bird discounts of:

- $280 CAD + GST for first-timers and new novices. This includes 1-on-1 instruction.
- $260 CAD + GST for experienced drivers signed-off to drive solo.

Standard registration fees apply starting on Mon, Aug 17:

- $300 CAD + GST for first-timers and new novices. Fee includes 1-on-1 instruction.
- $280 CAD + GST for experienced drivers signed-off to drive solo.

The Pacific Raceways is a fun, challenging, and technical track with a long and storied history. The road course runs 3.62km / 2.25 miles long with 10 turns and a change in elevation of more than 38m / 125' from start to finish. Long before the Ridge Motorsports Park opened, Pacific Raceways has been one of the go-to places for fast drivers and track rats in the Pacific Northwest, and it continues to attract new and experienced drivers to revisit this historic track in Kent, WA again and again.

Come join us for a fun and exciting day, and get an early start on your Labour Day long weekend!

>>> Event Registration Link <<<

Below are 2 instructional laps that I recorded when ProFormance Racing School's President and Chief Instructor, Don Kitch Jr., guided me through the driving line at Pacific Raceways. For those who have never been to Pacific Raceways, and especially for those who plan on joining us on Fri, Sept 4, I strongly recommend you to review this video multiple times to study the driving line and learn from Don's wisdom and experience. Turn up your speakers and find out what Don has to say about driving fast and smooth at PR!
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