VCMC Velocity Driving School - Saturday, August 29

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In competition driving we only do three things – accelerate, brake and turn. To win, we must do them with Precision, Smoothness and Control.
-Joe Cheng, Canadian & US Autocross Champion and VCMC co-founder

Velocity I is designed to give the student experience in approaching and handling his/her car at or near the limits of traction. This course is recommended for new and novice autocross drivers, as well as more experienced autocross drivers who would like to improve their grasp of car control basics. Students should expect to improve speed, confidence, car control and ultimately, reduce lap times. Velocity instructors are dedicated to helping students achieve their first victory.

Though the course focus is on car control in an autocross setting, the skills learned here can prove invaluable in controlling a car in slippery road conditions such as rain or snow. In fact, some parents have included Velocity I as part of the education of their children student drivers.

Location: JIBC/ YPK Integrated Training Centre(Pitt Meadows Airport)

>> Registration Link<< (Registration closes at 11:59PM on August 25)


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