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Hello everyone.


I have arranged for a day where family and friends can attend the ROX (see below). It is Sunday March 13, and we'll meet in the Oval lobby at noon. We already have about 12 people committed, and I would love to have a whole bunch more.

So consider this an invitation for all my Car friends and families to attend with us. I am thinking mostly of "car people", but of course anyone and everyone is most welcome.

With any number of people more than 10, the cost is $14.50 per person. we already have more than 10, so that will be the cost ($14.50).

To get an idea of the total numbers, please confirm here in this post if you are coming, and how many people.

The ROX (Richmond Olympic Experience) is an unbelievable installation of an Olympic Museum at the Oval.
There are 22 Olympic Museums around the world (now 23), and this is the only (first) in North America.

It has a vast number of artifacts from a whole bunch of Olympics over history;
it has artifacts showing the transformation of equipment over the years;
it has pages and pages (interactive displays and videos) of vast amounts of Olympic data from 1896 through to 2020 (ones yet to be held).
It has reaction timers, how far and high can you jump, how accurate can you shoot a hockey puck or kick a soccer ball.

Of major interest, it has 5 Sport Simulators:
A Ski Jump (you can get a “distance” and “style” points), a Bobsleigh (Whistler run; you actually control it and can get a “time”),
a sit ski (Paralympic event at Whistler), a Kayak (Chilliwack river), and …. tada….
an F1 Simulator, where you drive a track (Watkins Glen in New York).
Of course, for this last simulator, you also can crash, go off course, and/or do well, and get a “time”.

There is an 8 minute video called “In Pursuit of a Dream”, which shows real athletes and their work and dedication
and tragedies and triumphs in striving for Olympic participation.
This is in the 4-D theater.

There are also artifacts/displays regarding Richmond’s contribution to sports and the Olympics,
along with Richmond’s Sport Hall of Fame.

There are medals, and torches from a host of past Olympics.

And there is a wall mural showing a whole variety of different body types for many male and female athletes.
You could see how you compare to them.
Pat & Gary Watson
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