BCMA autocross May 7th

BCMA is hosting a auto-x for the first time in many years on May 7th
This will be a half pad event very casual excellent for first timers and test and tune.
We will run under CACC rules and classes but this is more of a fun event to shake off our Autocross cobwebs
For all the "old guys" thier may be some familiar faces and cars that you haven't seen for a long time.
We are setting up Motorsportreg as we speak and I will post a link as soon as it's ready.
Entry will be limited but please feel free to PM me for info


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    Oh wow... bit of short notice but I will try and make it out...
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    Registration is now up! Open event no membership required!

    I'm too new to post a URL but search BCMA on Motorsportreg.com

    This will be a fun event! Old-school timers and run cards so bring out your street cars or test n tune!
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    Lots of space left! with the amount of expected entries tons of runs should be expected, this is a half-pad event
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    With the current number of entries there will be tons of runs!
    Will accept entries on site as well just be there before 9am
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    I will scan the complete results later but here is the top times for the day
    14 runs and everyone was home well before dinner!
    Thanks for everyone that came out to run and help, it was a fun day for all I hope.

    Posted in run order not by position:

    Oliver Brett 57.844
    Rob Bruce 62.257
    Cam Cronin 61.868
    Ryan Ferguson 59.471
    Norm Hayton 55.583 + 1
    Randy Hulan 58.373
    Scott Hulan 57.425
    Karl Hunter 57.491
    Allan Strobl 59.954
    Susan Boury 66.853
    Cam Bonner 59.293
    Josh Manalo 57.710
    Gary Watson 56.438
    Pat Watson 64.350
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