Time Attack Aug 6, No rollover protection required!

BCMA is hosting a evening time attack at rivers edge raceway in mission on August 6th
This event will run after the SCCBC races from 5pm until dark
No cages/rollbars required!
SA helmets, M with approved balaclava and long sleeve shirts/pants required
CACC time attack licence required (novice)
This is a non-passing event, 3 cars evenly spaced 1 warm up lap 3 fast and cool down per run
Number of runs depends on amount of entries we will run as late as possible

Early entry discount!

Full motorsportreg search "BCMA"
http://www.motorsportreg.com/calendar/? ... elta%2C+BC

Please message or PM any questions


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    Only 1 more week to sign up!
    Excellent time to run mission with timers and no suit/cage
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