2016-08-07 Autox Pics & Vids

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Hello folks,

Sorry it took me a couple of days this time, but here are my photos from the Aug 7 autox. The day was a bit hectic for me as I was trying to juggle a number of things at the same time, so the photo groupings are a little messed up. I was driving in group 1 and trying to snatch a few pics at the same time, and I had to grab lunch during group 3's run, so I was unable to get pictures of everyone in both of those groups. Furthermore, the time stamps and upload order was a little screwed up, so some of the pics might not appear in the right album.



Without further ado:

Group 1 (mostly)
Group 2 (mostly)
Group 3 (mostly)


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    As always thanks for the pictures Rick. Not going to lie but I'm always disappointed when you are in the same run group as me cause it means I won't get any pictures but you somehow managed to do both.
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