2005 Mazdaspeed Miata / MX5 with mods

Hi All,

Newbie here, excited to join this season for the first time, look forward to the welcome event, Autocross 101, and the welcome back Autocross.

Looking for some guidance in terms of cars with mods, the handbook is a little confusing:

2005 Mazdaspeed Miata with stock turbo
Flying Miata intake
Flying Miata turbo downpipe
Flying Miata catback exhaust
(All the above is part of the Flying Miata little enchilada package)
VMaxx Stage 2 Coilovers
Flying Miata front and back sway bars (replaces factory sway bars)
Mad Dog rollbars

Thanks in advance for the help!


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    woops i read that as mazdaspeed 3 my bad.

    I think you're in STU if you havent touched boost tables, wastegate actuation, or boost control in anyways, this includes intercooler and blow off/by pass valves.

    if that FM kit has an aftermarket intercooler or a different bypass valve, that puts you into SSM or BSP
    STR #81
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    The mods you listed are all STU (Street Touring Ultra) legal. However, if you have the full FM Little Enchilada package, it will put your car into SSM. According to Section 15.10C, item #3, aftermarket intercoolers (which is part of the FM LE kit) is an unrestricted mod in SP class (Street Prepared, BSP for your MSM). But because of Section 15.10C, item #4b:
    No changes are allowed to waste gate(s) size, number, or location.

    and the Turbosmart bypass valve in the FM kit does not meet that SP class rule. So off to SSM the car will go, if you have the full FM LE kit.
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    Thanks a lot, so very helpful.
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