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If anyone has video I would surely enjoy seeing how I was supposed to drive that course. I can post mine, but it was bad enough that no one is going to enjoy it :lol:
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    I can't say that this was the way you were supposed to drive since I nailed a cone on this, my last and quickest run...

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    We were on very very old tires circa may 2015 (with earlier than that build date), could barely get our tires to work and heat up/turn on and the operating window was so small. It was hard to drive it right in that limit of grip and keep it there, both lesley and i felt like we were gambling every run as there was no consistency in grip levels for us so that car felt really unpredictable. Both lesley and i drove marlon's s2k which was on 1 event old tires and it was night and day, fresh tires feel so good. you forget how new tires feel.

    Nick : 49.436

    Lesley : 49.192

    rest of vids here ... b40eFjtEIl
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    my top PAX run.
    these are old 100+ runs bridegstones too. with 2 drivers did manage to get some heat into them by the end and they felt pretty good.
    In the morning things were so slippery coulndt even hit full throttle, and i was leaving the line in 2nd gear to try and limit spin.
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    Thanks for posting. After watching the videos, I feel a bit better about my driving. I had the right idea/line at least.

    Red 09 Yaris 5-dr. H-street/FSP
    Black Seven (Caterham knockoff) E-mod
    Silver 01 Miata STR
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    Here are my contribution for pics!
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