Slush 7 April 2 2017 Pictures

Here are some photos from the series finale ... sp=sharing
Kevin Li PhotographYi
2015 Subaru BRZ - DS
2011 Volvo C30 - HS (RIP)


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    Really appreciated, you got some good shots of me in my 540i.
    Here is a video of my last timed run of the day.
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    Thanks again for taking photos @ KLPhotographYi, some great action shots along with the pretty water reflection ones :)
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    My best run of the day

    Miguel vs Ross

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    here is the top PAX run. 36.3 in the F street Mustang GT.

    Norman Hayton -
    2014 Mustang GT in F Street
    1999 BMW 323i for Rallycross
    2011 FSP Canadian National Champion
    2017 FS Canadian National Champion
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