Slush Series #3 Dec 3rd

Hey everyone! Here are some heat 1 pics. Somehow my trigger finger went crazy and ended up with about 1000 pictures... so took some time to delete the really blurry ones. Realized I set the aperture WAYYYY too low.... so I apologize for the pics that are half blurry :cry:

Not: Photobucket is weird. Sometimes you have to reload/restart it to view all the pictures on mobile (only loads a few pages).

If you want the files direct, I'll email em to you. I don't check here often enough, so pm me on IG @rpkl_ or facebook @Richard Liu. I'll just send you every pic I have of your car. Cheers! ... 203%202017
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    Can't get the forum software to agree with embedding the videos, you get to click links.

    Matt's FTD run

    Ashton's (boo) fastest wet run (Heat 1 AM)
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    There's youtube tags at the top of the reply box.

    My best 40.744s

    My tirewarmers best 43.384. Pretty good for his first ever outing.

    Comparison video
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    Fixed your post, Ashton. And video confirms, that car appears to defy physics when it's wet out.

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    Some video of some loose moments from Glenn and I, followed by each of our best runs.

    Love this course. That fast bumpy right hand sweeper at the far side of the pad was scary. :D
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