UBCSCC May 12th Raydays #1 Results and Feedback

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Hey Everyone,

Thank you all for coming out to the events this weekend! Our next event is Raydays 2 on June 10th, and registration is now open here.

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(Updated June 14th)

For any class group changes and protests, please e-mail us at results @ ubcscc(dot)com within 72 hours of the results being posted. After that, the results are FINAL.

If you don't know which class your car and modifications belong to, please check out our Car Classification Forum If you have any questions, don't be afraid to make a post and ask!


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    If anyone cares, the Yaris was supposed to be FSP I think.

    Thanks for a fun event guys!
    Red 09 Yaris 5-dr. H-street/FSP
    Black Seven (Caterham knockoff) E-mod
    Silver 01 Miata STR
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