More Slush #5 pics!

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I only managed to get pics of the cars who were in the first group.

I really need more zoom on the camera, or take cars closer up. Does anyone have any better tips on taking nicer shots? I'm still having trouble panning the camera to follow the car smoothly. BTW I'm using a Powershot A70.

Does anyone have pics of my car in action? It's the white Protege5 with the (now broken) lip.
2002 Pure White Protege5


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    damn nice pics man
    The wind howls because it can't keep up...
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    yeah, no kidding.

    great shots there.
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    Thanks... I'll be out at this Sunday's autocross so I hope to get more pictures of the other cars!
    2002 Pure White Protege5
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    Again. We have a pictures area for picture threads.


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    thanks for taking pics of my beer prelude
    nice pics

    a good way to take action pictures is that you can set the camera to manual focus and lock that at a spot that you want to take the picture.
    then, take the pics when the car hit that pre-focused spot

    if you want some blurred background, use Av setting and use a slower shutter speed. then, it will allow you to pan the camera with the car and get a blurred background. A70 may not have too many settings for you to play with though.
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