2019 Raydays 2 Results and Feedback

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Hey Everyone,

Thank you all for coming out to the events this weekend! Our next event is Raydays 3 and registration is now open!

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For any class group changes and protests, please e-mail us at results @ ubcscc(dot)com WITHIN 72 HOURS OF THE RESULTS BEING POSTED. After that, the results are FINAL.


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    That was such a fun course! :D

    There were a couple of things that happened during the course of the day that I think would warrant clarification at every driver's meeting.
    1) reversing on course: DNF or not? We need one official answer and then we need to stick to it, for consistency.
    2) station leaders with flag and radio must stay at station: we had a situation where a red flag was thrown and one station could not flag the car because the leader was far away resetting cones, and the people at the station did not have the flag and had to resort to wild arm waving and jumping about. That seems... unsafe.

    Other than that, another great event!
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    pistachoo wrote:
    1) reversing on course: DNF or not? We need one official answer and then we need to stick to it, for consistency.

    Reversing on course is not a DNF. Unless of course you skip a gate or the like in doing so. Relevant sections of the rules.....

    xv) Did Not Finish (DNF) - Any competitor deviating from the prescribed course shall have that run scored as a DNF (Did Not Finish). An airport loop shall be considered sufficient correction of an off course excursion as long as the competitor enters the course in the same spot as he left the course. An airport loop will only be allowed if executed while the competitor is being timed. A DNF will be scored if a competitor executed an airport loop before his vehicle passes the start timing line or after he passes the finish timing line.

    xvi) Airport Loop - An airport loop is considered to have been executed when the vehicle having deviated from the prescribed course, re-enters the course at the point of deviation. Should a vehicle reverse (back-up) at any point between the start line and the finish timing line, this will be classed as an airport loop.
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    Yes, that's what I have known since the rules changed a few years ago, however it's never been consistently emphasized, and so marshal calls may be inconsistent as a result. Hence why I brought it up. :)
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