UBCSCC Slush Series #2

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Date: Sunday, December 8th
Time: Gates open @ 7:30am, morning check in closes at 8:45am (if you miss course walk, you will not be driving)
Location: BC Driving Centre
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Regular Price: $62.50
Early Bird: $52.50 (closes 8 days prior to event)
Membership Required: Membership purchase is now included with your first event of the year.

Registration Cap: 90
The event is capped at 90 registrations plus current exec. Please register for the waitlist on MSR if the event is full. If you are on the waitlist, you will be notified when a spot becomes available. Please respond within 48 hours to ensure the spot is not passed on to the next eager participant.

Cancelations: No Refunds
Credit, however may be given if the spot is able to be filled with a replacement participant and the host is notified a MINIMUM of 7 days prior to the event.

Please bring your vehicle to a complete stop and look both directions at the break in the fence in the driveway to ensure you are not struck by a plane.
Find a parking spot for the day, prep your car, and drive it to the grid for a safety inspection.

BY REGISTERING, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ AND AGREE TO ALL CONDITIONS OF THE SUPPLEMENTAL REGULATIONS. Any violations of these regulations will result in an immediate end to your day - please read BEFORE signing up. The supplemental regulations and Slush Series rules for the upcoming season are currently being updated and will be posted soon.

There is absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE for any burnouts, reckless driving, or loud stereos on Ford Road at any time. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be immediately, and permanently, banned from local autocross clubs without warning.

Good luck from all of us in your UBCSCC Executive Team!

We are also looking for 3 people to help setup Saturday, 2 people to help with waivers on Sunday morning, and 3 people to help with tear down at the end of the event. Setup is a great opportunity to learn a little bit more about the course as well as a chance to walk the course the day before (especially helps for new drivers).

Setup (Saturday)
1. Gregory Chalenko
2. Nobu Torigoe
3. Yue Lang

Morning Waivers (Sunday) - Mans the gate and makes certain anyone who enters the driving centre signs the waiver:
1. [7:10-8:15am] Mark Uhlmann
2. [8:15-9:00am] Ben Stanton

Tear Down (Sunday at the end of the event)
1. Jerry Xiao
2. Can Ozdemir
3. Daniel Jardine

Although we welcome all volunteers for these positions, only those who have been contacted and listed here will be eligible to use it towards their work assignment for the day. Thanks!


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    I'll do first shift of waivers. Thanks!

    Mark Uhlmann, UBCSCC Ex-Pres
    BM #51: 2004 Stohr WF1
    STX #67: 2011 BMW 128i (sold 2019)
    DSP #67: 1997 BMW 328is (sold 2012)
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    I’ll do waivers 2 please.

    Ben Stanton
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    Jerry Xiao, Can Ozdemir and Daniel Jardine will do tear down. We are all UBC students.
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    Morning setup and chalking or tech please. Zoltan
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    Gregory Chalenko for Saturday setup please
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    Cory for Teardown if spot available please.
    Red 09 Yaris 5-dr. H-street/FSP
    Black Seven (Caterham knockoff) E-mod
    Silver 01 Miata STR
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    If anyone can’t do waivers I‘ll step in as back-up.
    2017 Metallic Grey GTI
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    Can Nobu Torigoe and Yue Lang for Saturday set up please. Thank you.
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    Marlon Perez
    Lawrence Liang

    For tech or waivers

    Thank you!
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    Saturday setup please !

    Leon ho


    Leon Ho

    2013 BRZ - SSC

    2008 Honda Civic SI - HS - 6D1C

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    Tim Coughlin & David Neveaux will not be able to make it on Sunday the 8th
    (We are registered)
    A little Bummed...
    Can we get a rain check or credit?

    Tim Coughlin (AutoX HACK)
    1989 BMW 325i SM
    1991 318is STX (LoL!!!)

    Whoever has the most fun wins...
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    Hey I know setup is full at 3 people, but any chance you will need a fourth person?


    Leon Ho

    2013 BRZ - SSC

    2008 Honda Civic SI - HS - 6D1C

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    Course set up on Saturday will be at 11 am. Apologies for the late notice.
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