2019 Slush Series 2 Results and Feedback

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Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for coming out to the event this weekend! Our next event is Slush 3 and registration is now open!

Slush Series 2 results:
All Times
Indexed Times
Top Times

Updated December 13th

For any class group changes and protests, please e-mail us at results @ ubcscc(dot)com WITHIN 72 HOURS OF THE RESULTS BEING POSTED. After that, the results are FINAL.


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    LOL, top 15 indexed positions are HS or DS.
    23 of the to 28 are HS or DS.
    I see a trend.

    Top 9 positions are within one second, tight competition.
    Norman Hayton -
    2014 Mustang GT in F Street
    1999 BMW 323i for Rallycross
    2011 FSP Canadian National Champion
    2017 FS Canadian National Champion
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    Question from very new guy: Is my '08 bmw 135i an "FS" car? According this it seems to be? I can't find the link to the classes on this forum. I've got it listed as HS in the above results, but I can't recall how I found that out originally.

    (www) scca (dot com) /downloads/45362-2019-04-11-street-category-by-manufacturer/download

    Edit: Ignore this, it's definitely FS.
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