2007 Mazda Miata MX-5 GS trim, with soft top + RHT (removable hard top) & factory LSD

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All good things come to and end, and I'm putting up my STR-prepped 2007 (NC 3rd gen) Mazda Miata MX-5 (soft top) up for sale.

TL;DR description

- 2007 Mazda Miata MX-5 GS trim, with soft top and factory LSD

- ~91k km, original owner since new

- 6 speed manual

- includes OEM RHT (removable hard top, normally a $2k - $2.5k item if you can find one)

- no expense spared on maintenance; full service records since new

- accident-free

- $14.5k, including OEM RHT

Reason for selling:

Downsizing the fleet back into a 2-car family.

The car is turn key and ready to go to a new owner. Cosmetically, she is consistent with what you'd expect from a 12 year old / 90k+ km car -- there are a few dings and scratches. Mechanically, she has been extremely reliable. Dynamically, she has been set up to offer some perfectly neutral handling, and she will continue to be the perfect dance partner to her new owner in the same manner that she has always been to me.


- 17x8 50ET Enkei PF01 with heat cycled out 235/40/17 Dunlop Z2 tires (4/32 tread depth)

- 17x7 55ET OEM wheels are included; the 215/45/17 Continental DW tires can still be used to drive the car home, but I would replace them if you plan on driving the car on them in an on-going basis

- MeisterR CRD adjustable coilovers; 7/5kg spring rates, 32-levels of dampening adjustment, ride height adjustable

- Mazdaspeed / Eibach front and rear sway bar, with Good-Win-Racing RoadsterSport Endlinks

- Blackbird Fabworx NC RZ roll bar, compatible with both soft top and OEM RHT

- CSF all-aluminum high capacity radiator

- LRB Speed aluminum engine bay undertray

- Good-Win-Racing RoadsterSport all stainless steel complete street exhaust combo, includes:

- RoadsterSport (catted) street header with ceramic finish

- RoadsterSport Helmholtz midpipe with catalytic converter for exhaust droning elimination

- RoadsterSport Super Q (for Quiet) exhaust muffler, with (removable) packed baffle inserts to further quiet down the exhaust noise

- Track Dog Racing insulated heat shield (for the RoadsterSport header)

- RoadsterSport MX-5 competition motor mounts (more and high durometer/stiffness rubber engine mounts suitable for street as well as track use)

- Open Flash Tablet ECU reflash

- JVC headunit with USB + Bluetooth support (KD-X50BT)

- Sony Xplode 2-way 5x7 speakers

Comes with most OEM parts.

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