2019-2020 Slush Standings

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Hello everyone,

Thank you all for your patience, as I know many of you have been eagerly waiting to see the results of the 2019-2020 Slush Series. A pdf file is attached below with the standings for this season. Please note that we took your top 4 events to calculate the standings, even though the file says "top 5" above the Total column.

Results updated on May 8


  • What a great season, hope this covid thing dies down and we have another one this winter!


    Leon Ho

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  • Thanks very much. Appreciate the work you guys/girls volunteer to do. Couldn't have this much fun without you

    Not to seem greedy, but I sure hope there are hoodies this year. It seems my maths were right and I got 3rd. Bummer, not likely to ever get a hoodie in top gun. Looking forward to an announcement about that in the future, and hopefully there will be a slush series next season.


  • Thanks for posting these! Hopefully we can all get together again sometime - would be nice to think the sport continues in a meaningful way given the current situation around the world and with the pad.

    I see I’m listed as finishing 3rd in Indexed, but total points were exactly the same at Taylour (2nd) - assume that means we both share 2nd place?

    Thanks again for all the time and energy everyone put into this years events - they were really enjoyable as usual!


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    Thank you guys for all your work during this logistically tricky season!

    Barry, i think there is a typo. When i calculate my 4 best results (1+.977+.988+.996) i get 3.961.

    I also drove SSC in an FR-S 4 of the 5 events yet it says the DS WRX that i drove the one other event. (Jason couldn't register, Brian blessed me with a ride for the event)

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  • Taylour. Yeah the math works out as you say. What does the miss-classification do to positions though? My brain hurts using a PAX calculator!

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  • You and Taylour are considered to be sharing second/third place together. You both hold an identical score after calculating your total points then rounding to three decimal places, which is the final number we use.

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