Will near freezing temps kill my R1R's?

Hi guys,

Been thinking of throwing on my new (0 Km) R1R's for Slush #4 but 14 day trend shows cold weather with the possibility of rain/snow. I've heard R1R's are decent in colder temp's and wet weather but I feel like next weekend may be too cold! Plan was to thrown them on night before (car sleeps in the garage) and drive out there early with them on... Possibly taking two passengers so no space for the tires in the car!




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    You shouldn't hurt them any, but I doubt you will enjoy them. I don't have R1Rs, but my RA1s and NT01s need about 10°C or warmer to have enough heat to be better than my all season (Ecsta 4X). The R1R should be a little better cold, and if you have a heavier car you will make more heat.
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    my r1r's were fine on the crx this past event... first lap is always sketch when its stone cold, but after that its not a problem
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