200 utqg tires

I saw a comparison of the 2015 tires in grassroots ms magazine - June edition but it was far from being comprehensive. Big one missing for me was the R1R obviously. Anyone seen the r1r being tested yet? Rumor was that all sizes were going to have the magic pixie dust.


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    180+ post of never-ending banter on RRAX.

    There is NO Coles notes to this battle Behnam....

    It appears the RE71's are taking most of the top spots - but at a huge wear consequence......some as bad as 60-70 runs on so-called STREET tires.

    Others say it's dependant on camber.....weight of car.....tire size.

    IMO, the RE71 appears to be the top dog thus far if the winners at top events across the US are any indication. However as those locally have found, speed comes with a price........ tire wear (welcome to Race tire territory Stock class !! )
    Most agree across the board that unlike the R1R....RE71's lose their stick below 2-3/32. Whereas we can run the old R1R's down to the cord and be competitive. Consensus is no point in shaving the RE71's down as you just eat up $$ and
    have a much "narrower" run count of being fast.

    BFG's have a supply problem - but appear to wear longer. (for those wanting more longevity vs especially with dual drivers or have camber challenged cars.)

    R1R's are only currently being campaigned by Toyo sponsored cars...and while not sucking - they are not winning top spots.

    Kumho's don't seem to be winning the cool kids over.

    Nothing from Yok.
    Hankook RS3's are being left in dust already after only being introduced at the end of last summer ;)

    Yes Street cars are going faster , but at a price.

    IMHO, the PAX numbers are screwed up as across the board as the speed of cars on 200 utqg tires is not in line with Mod classes that have not had a tire improvement for years.
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    Don, you're a sea of knowledge as always! I did read that the RE71s would be the tires to have but my gut feel is that in rain and lower Temps, the magic size R1Rs would still be faster. Guess it will be a while before the verdict is out for rain / cold tires.
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    Rob / Marcus Lu are on the 200tw r1r's

    I drove John Yeung's FRS on Sunday with VCMC, the best he could manage was a 53.1, and myself a 53.3. We were on Z2 SS, i dont think there was a lot more to be found on the z2 ss, maybe 2 - 3 tenths at most. not a half second.
    Ben's FRS (both CS FRS's) on Sunday managed a 52.6, but averaged 53.3 generally. Ben's on RE71R's.

    If you look at the timesheets, those on re71r's made a huge jump forward in pax.

    take a look at the vcmc cup 2 times
    also take a look at nigel's performance on them as well as david cross's performance. David's jumped quite a bit forward in the pax times since switching off r1r's.
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