UBCSCC Welcome Back 2018

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Hey everyone,

Here is my photos from today. I think I got everyone but I apologize if for some reason I didn't. I was able to shoot every heat. Enjoy!

https://www.flickr.com/photos/djmatsuda ... 3750325448
2018 Golf R Meowta 2.0 | Still a Chinese Driver la


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    Nice work!
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    Thank you!
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    Thanks Bill...... fabulous photos.... Great job !!!!
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    Thanks for the pictures! They are great? Is there a way for us to obtain the files?

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    Great pictures Bill!

    Did anybody who was working on course during heat 1 see if the non-striped Grey Mini Cooper S was 3 wheeling? Trying to determine if I can stiffen the rear sway bar some more...
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    I'm glad you enjoyed the photos everyone. I changed the licensing of the photos so you should be able to download them if you like!
    2018 Golf R Meowta 2.0 | Still a Chinese Driver la
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    Thanks Bill. The lighting was perfect in some of your shots. Looks like they were done in a studio. Good work!
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