Slush Series 3 2018 Pictures

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Hello Everyone,

Follow the link below for my photos of today's event. Apologies to Heat 1 drivers for the lack of pics, weather was too uncooperative for round 1 and I was away to lunch for round 2 :P ... sp=sharing

Please share all your other pictures of the event as well, I love seeing what everybody else is capturing.




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    Thanks for the great shots!
    Richard Arienzale
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    Top PAX run from today (3rd raw time).
    This course was so much fun.
    Data is available on the solostorm cloud if anyone wants it to compare
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    I'm new to the club and was told to post some photos I took at the event here so here they are!
    Apologies for some blurry shots, kinda a newbie photographer lol ... sp=sharing
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    Hey everyone, I went a bit nuts and took a lot of photos..Here's the gallery

    some of my favorite shots that I actually did some editing
    2018 Golf R Meowta 2.0 | Still a Chinese Driver la
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    Thanks for all the heat 1 shots @matsuda
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    Yeah, thanks for the pictures, Matsuda! I wasn't sure anyone would be shooting heat 1, wasn't ideal conditions!
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    Great shots Greg! You were setup in a good position for photos
    2018 Golf R Meowta 2.0 | Still a Chinese Driver la
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    Thanks Greg, Bill, and all the other photographers for the pictures!

    We're pretty spoiled this season to have paparazzi at every event it seems.
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    Thanks a lot for the great photos guys!
    Much appreciated!
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